Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

New Video for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

"As I Sat Sadly By Her Side"... It's available at, viewable in a little frame... but who wants that, eh? I figure that if you are a site designer who wants me to download something into my temporary internet files anyway, I might as well download it to my desktop instead and make it much more easily viewed. Does all this mean that there will be an actual video tape release for this album?

This is good, yes... but is it Nick Cave? The rough quality of Nick Cave's voice seems to have become strangely gentle and polished... yet wistful. It's not as rough, admittedly, but the general experience I got from what I have heard is that this album will grow on you with repeated listening and will be a great album to put on shortly before falling asleep. The last few songs on the album feature backup vocals by Anna and Kate McGarrigle, and are some of the most gentle yet moving parts of the album ...and a good way to say goodnight to the world, I'm sure.

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