Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

DeLay did it.

For those who think that Tom DeLay is innocent, 76 year-old retired investigator William Gibson, who served as a member of the Texas Grand Jury against Tom DeLay, has some unwelcome news about just how open-and-shut the case is against him.

"It was not one of those sugar-coated deals that we handed to [District Attorney] Ronnie Earle . . . Mr. Earle has stacks and stacks of papers — evidence of telephone calls from Mr. DeLay and everybody."

Emails, phonelogs, and other information convinced the jury unanimously that the indictment should proceed. The members of the jury wanted to hear DeLay's side of the story, but he chose not to appear and testify in court.

More information in this NPR interview. DeLay's lawyers, unsurprisingly, did not return calls seeking comments on Gibson's description of the grand-jury proceedings.

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