Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Most surreal comedy series ever?

Just so you all know, if you have an opportunity, I strongly suggest you check out a British comedy series called 'The Mighty Boosh'. It's some of the most wonderfully surreal comedy I've seen in a long time...

I BitTorrented it a few days ago, after I read on Lenny Henry's weblog where he mentioned the show's star and co-creator, Noel Fielding.

"Noel is a wonderful comic, a cross between a Glam Rock star and a raddled opium eating 19th century poet, his flights of fancy take transform the audience into woodland creatures and the venue into a forest, or his joy at having a 'really long mike lead'"

'The Mighty Boosh' reminds me of what you'd get if you combined equal parts Ren & Stimpy and Terry Gilliam, and then infused it with a swirly, surreal innocence, a la Teletubbies. The BBC has the program buried on their less-watched digital satellite/cable channel, BBC3, but it's already starting to attract a very dedicated, avid fanbase, most of whom are either British or Australian at this point.

Something tells me that you could all be next.

I'd direct you to the site for the show, but it doesn't do the show justice, as you can't properly appreciate it without watching it first. The show is still not widely torrented, but you can grab just about everything from the second season here. The radio shows and first season shows aren't available right now, unfortunately. Hopefully that will change as the show becomes even more popular, which I'm almost positive it will be soon. For those with BBC America, it looks like it's starting to be aired every Friday night, assuming you can brave all the commercials.

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