Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush goes blub blub blub.

Our President has apparently been flooded by bad news lately, and though he and his supporters keep trying to bail, the levee has been breached, and even God couldn't bail his ass out this time.

Un short, Bush's level of public support has fallen to just 39%, with 2/3rds of the country saying that our country is going in the wrong direction. A Newsweek poll is putting his approval at just 38 percent.

Normally, natural disasters are to the benefit of a president's polls ratings, as shown by the polls tracking his job performance in the first few days of Katrina. In this case, however, the public obviously knows that major league screwups by the Bush administration cost people their lives, and made an otherwise manageable tragedy much worse than it needed to be.

So much changed in such a short time between about 10 am on Monday the 28th, when the hurricane had finally passed by enough for relief to be sent to the city, and the evening of Tuesday August 30th, when helicopters scheduled to drop sandbags to patch the hole in the New Orleans levee system never arrived. Fifty six hours for the government to send in helicopters and vehicles and soldiers and to decisively act.

Unfortunately for Bush and for the people of New Orleans, there are absolutely no do-overs allowed.

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