Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Maybe the Germans hate our freedom too?!

From a German news story at,1185,OID4692830,00.html

ARD-Korrespondentin Christine Adelhardt, die Bushs Visite in Biloxi erlebte, zeigte sich geschockt über das Ausmaß der Inszenierung seines Auftritts. Mit dem Präsidenten seien die Räumfahrzeuge und Leichensuchtrupps gekommen, auf die Biloxi seit Tagen gewartet hatte. Sie hätten allerdings nicht dort gearbeitet, wo sich die Opfer aufhielten, sondern lediglich für medienwirksame Bilder in abgelegeneren Teilen des Orts gesorgt, erklärte sie. Am Montag will Bush erneut in die betroffenen Staaten reisen.


ARD correspondent Christine Adelhardt, who witnessed Bush's visit to Biloxi, was shocked about the extent to which the event was staged. The President brought with him vehicles to cut though the debris and rescue search teams, for which Biloxi had waited for days. But they did not go to work where the victims were, but only served as photogenic background props in remote areas of the town, she reported. Bush plans another victim to the effected states on Monday.

Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-La, also reports that the federal government slapped a ban on helicopter flights during the entire time Bush was visiting the state, thereby further stalling the delivery of food and supplies.

"It was more show than substance," Melancon said. "Frankly, we needed action days ago."

I don't know... Maybe we should encourage him to go back on vacation afterall.

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