Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A voice from Waveland.

I saw a CNN post about Waveland, Mississippi -- a city that doesn't exist anymore.

So I did a directory search on the city, which is home to 59 LJers. One of them, Erin Hennessey airie43, typed this post shortly before Katrina hit.

"Just in case, God Forbid.

Riding out the worst storm in history, coming right for me. If anything happens remember that I love you.

You'd better go whether I'm there or not. If I can't make it YOU pick up the torch, because no one else can. Be nicer to Allie, and remember I love you!

I adore you, simply. You know why... thanks for everything you ever did or didn't do. 1000 times isn't enough.

For the love of god... Clean the litter.

::hugs like mad::

Naz Jeff and Matt...
Take care of my Dhead family and only believe 1/2 of what they tell you about me.

*hugs like mad*

I'm glad you aren't here for this. It's scary and the weather isn't bad yet. I love you more than I can breath, more than I can say. More than you will ever know even if you live to be 100. You have always been the most important thing in my life and I will continue to watch over you from what ever tree I have to hide in. I tried to make mom leave but you know how stubborn she is. Be kind to Daddy, he's softer than you think. Watch a lot of commercials and think of me.

Now that I'm finished being overdramatic, I'm going to watch the weather channel and wait for Katrina.


**UPDATE - A comment from a friend of hers indicates that she and her family survived! It's hard to believe that anyone could ride out such destruction, but it's great to hear.

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