Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

LiveJournal lags behind.

It grates at me when I visit the main page for LJ and see all the brand new, chipper site news posted in the midst of a major national emergency and humanitarian crisis.

Is it too much to ask that Six Apart / LiveJournal add a link for donating to disaster relief?

If I was still running the business end of things, I would go one step further than that. I would insist that LiveJournal donate, say, 25%-50% of all the money from paid memberships over the next week to disaster relief. Chances are, the response would be so overwhelming that it would actually *make* LiveJournal quite a bit of money on the deal. It would also set a great example for other online businesses.

Amazon is on the ball. So is Google... and Microsoft... and Apple... and Paypal... and thousands of other websites. Infact, Paypal is allowing you to use their service to send money for the victims of Katrina, at no commission.

So, where's LiveJournal?! How is it that when they all have public weblogs, they can still be so insular at times about the things that matter to people? Don't they care?! They're probably getting a significant increase in site interest because of the hurricane, with tens of thousands of visitors coming to the site to read about those who are directly impacted by the hurricane, while they themselves are doing nothing to help.

If you agree with me, please post something on your journal asking that LiveJournal do this. If just a few of the more well read LJ journals ask for this, chances are it will be live and on site by the end of the day, and thousands of extra dollars will start flowing in to help those who are suffering from this crisis.

The latest site news and features can wait. The people of New Orleans can't.

**Update: I -- like many people -- didn't bother reading through the entirety of LiveJournal's latest news post to see the added mention of Katrina. They are apparently donating 25% from all gift shop sales to the relief efforts. It's a start... but they need to move this information above the fold, rather than forcing people to scroll down to find out about it. **

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