Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The hero of New Orleans.

General Russel L. Honore, one of the highest ranking African-Americans in the Armed Forces.

He was praised strongly by New Orleans Mayor Nagin for his hardcharging, can-do attitude, and today he stood out on a street corner, personally directing the National Guard relief convoy through high floodwaters into the heart of New Orleans.

He's also the guy who told his troops "Point your weapons down, this is not Iraq."

By all indications, he sounds like a cigar-chomping, Pattonesque sonofabitch, but when trouble strikes, I want this guy on my side. Does anyone in the military out there who knows more about this guy? I would be glad to share...

He's also about a thousand times more qualified to lead FEMA and be the undersecretary of Homeland Security than its current director.

That said, the current FEMA director gives large cash donations to his boss, early and often, and I hear he's an old friend of Cheney...

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