Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush approval rating falls another 4%...

Gallup just gave Bush a 40% approval rating, and falling... down another 4%. That's an awful lot of conservatives who don't like his policies anymore.

While it was a good thing that the president approved disaster funding for what was obviously going to be a major disaster, it seems odd that he's spending the next two days in California discussing medicare, making a speech for a veterans group, and doing a bit of fundraising.

...but why didn't he take the opportunity late today to tour the damage in New Orleans? He can visit Baghdad, but he can't be bothered to do an obligatory flyover of New Orleans? The winds late today were only about 17 mph! Doesn't he care what people think of him? Hell, he could've skipped the medicare speech, rescheduled the fundraiser, taken a short flight from Crawford over to New Orleans, and looked strong and credible had he done so. He might've looked strong and credible had he touched down and met with people at the Superdome. Instead, it just looks like he has his priorities out of whack.

Apparently Schwarzenegger is declining the opportunity to meet with Bush during his visit. I guess Schwarzenegger wants to distance himself from the president, in the vain hope that he can get reelected.


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