Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

So, who is disrespecting the memory of the soldiers now?!

So yes, Cindy Sheehan is a very hurt mother who is camping outside of Bush's ranch, wanting to meet with the President.

And sure, the whole experience reeks of old hippies, and patchouli oil, and "Kumbaya my Lord", and we know how that can get old *really* quick...

And perhaps a lot of Americans just want to tell her "Yes, I know you lost your son, but look at the chaos that you're bringing into your life by dwelling on your pain. Why not just let it go?"

That said, it chafes when the President is too busy with two million dollar fundraisers and bike rides and cameo appearances at Little League games to invite her back to the ranch, sit down with her for fifteen minutes, and just talk to her.

Clinton knew how to say "I feel your pain" and have it mean something to people... even when it didn't. When Bush tries to express similar sentiments, it feels a whole lot more like STFU. He'd probably listen to her grieve, look down, purse his lips, and awkwardly fumble with his ring, perhaps counting how many hairs he had on the back of his palm.

And the behavior of some of those who oppose her vigil is pretty unbelievably callous. A bunch of counterprotesters gathered at the vigil of Sheehan and others who lost family and loved ones in Iraq. What did they chant?!

"We don't care! We don't care!"

I kid you not. But it got worse last night. Part of the vigil includes a field of crosses, with the names of all of those who have died serving the U.S. in Iraq. Well, some shitkicker decided that it would be a good idea to drive their truck through the field of crosses... a large pole chained to the back of their truck, just to make sure he could mow down even more. Way to honor the soldiers, eh?!

Needless to say, there were more than a few witnesses, and he was arrested. (Watch out for your cornhole in jail, Bubba!)

It's not that Sheehan's pain is more noteworthy than anyone else's who has lost someone in Iraq, and it's not that her motives are somehow more pure, or that she hasn't offered herself up as a "poster mother" for some of those whose motivations have more to do with politics than anything else, but the actions of Bush and the idiots who support him in such unpatriotic, disrespectful ways are going a long, long way towards beatifying her and her struggle for recognition.

It is said that the Confederates lost the Battle of Gettysburg because their leaders didn't take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves to seize the higher ground. You have to wonder whether historians will say similar things about GWB one day...

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