Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Thursday (last week) at Burning Man

Well, more recollections... while I can still recollect and before things congeal into a big ball of goo that is my brain.

Kirsten, as is her habit, woke up at the first sign of light. Silly person... I slept in, myself. I knew that from everything I had heard about B.M., almost everything happens at night, so I was determined to be a nocturnal creature whenever possible. Besides... I needed the sleep... the air mattress was a bit leaky, but the tent was all lazy and drowsy, or as Kirsten liked to say, hot and stifling... I told her to think about it like a cat would think about a windowsill, but she just couldn't deal with it.

I didn't get going really until around one. Kirsten wanted to take care of a few things like cleaning out and organizing the tent, getting a bit more rest, etc... so I took off with the digital camera towards Thunderdome, part of the project that Death Guild set up.

The playa is a beautiful place... very few places have made me feel so connected to nature in an almost mystical way. I took a series of pictures of the playa that I turned into a 360 degree picture... for your edification. (It's a very wide picture, so you'll just have to click the link to see it...)

Um... more later.

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