Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A friend is free.

Khalid Jarrar, an Iraqi who I've exchanged several emails with throughout the course of the conflict, has been freed by Iraqi intelligence, and has bravely come forth to tell the harrowing story of both his time in prison, and the stories of other prisoners who have been held without their family's knowledge.

Disappearances, torture, corruption. Truely scary stuff reminiscent of life under Saddam.

Fortunately, both him and his family are brave enough to try to do something about it, and are now trying to kickstart an international call for prison reform in Iraq.

They're trying to address this issue through free speech and the will of the people, and not through bombs. It kind of gives you hope for Iraq... in a sad, mostly hopeless kind of way. Nobody expects the Iraqi government to listen to them, after all.

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