Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush blows off Boy Scouts.

George W. Bush, who last year failed to attend a scheduled speech in front of the annual Boy Scout Jamboree, was supposed to give a speech this year in front of them to make up for last year's brushoff. The scouts, who lost four of their members a few days back in a freak electrical accident, badly needed some kind of encouragement. Fortunately the president lived just 50 miles away, a few minutes away using the presidential helicopter.

The Boy Scouts waited in long lines to be screened to go into a field, where they camped out, waiting for the president to arrive. Their wait stretched into to the late afternoon, when they were finally notified that the president would not be attending this year either. Temperatures were in the upper 90's with high humidity, so by the time the bad news came, over 300 of the those waiting for the president had to be hospitalized from heat-related ailments, dehydration, fatigue and lightheadedness. Soldiers from Fort A.P. Hill helped carry sick scouts on stretchers to the hospital and emergency workers from surrounding jurisdictions were called in to help treat and transport them.

You'd think that the president would've attended. After all, the Boy Scout Jamboree is a matter of national security, right?!

Who knows... maybe Bush is just toughening them up for Iran.

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