Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Where is Raed's brother... or how Mark's online friends become political prisoners.

One of the nice online correspondences I've had for awhile has been with the Jarrar family -- Raed, Khalid, and their mother Faiza, all of whom are active webloggers. Khalid's blog may not be as well known as that of his brother, or mother, but he was especially communicative with me through email, probably because he had more time to kill than either Raed or his mother, both of whom are quite busy at times.

So, it really pisses me off when I find out that Khalid has been abducted by the new, "democratically supported" Iraqi mukhabarat, or secret police.

Khalid Jarrar and his family may not be in favor of their country being indefinitely occupied, and may criticize the Iraqi government, but they've done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. Hell, they're *pro-democracy* peace activists, for chrissake!

So, I ask/plead... does anyone I know in Iraq have any pull or ability to interact with these mukhabarat twats or with those who pull their chains in order to get Khalid free or at least find out what he is being charged with? Can someone adequately explain to them that "disappearing" well-known Iraqis because of what they say in their weblogs may not be a good thing? Has he disappeared down the proverbial "black hole"?

Who the f*ck do you call when your online friend gets abducted by the Iraqi government? Amnesty International?!

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