Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Sure, it's a tragic day and all that, but I had to point this out...

"President Bush collided yesterday with a local police officer and fell while riding a bike on the grounds of the Gleneagles golf resort, where the Group of Eight meeting is taking place. Bush suffered scrapes on his hands and arms that required bandages."

And now, time for the punchlines!


Secret service memo. 7/7/05


For all future overseas trips, please *DO NOT* provide POTUS with a bicycle obtained in the visiting country. A Secret Service approved bicycle should be shipped out ahead of time to the nearest U.S. consulate instead, to maintain a consistantly safe environment for POTUS. DO NOT FORGET TO ATTACH TRAINING WHEELS!


Punchline #2:

Witnesses on the scene claimed that Bush was on the brink of tears after an apparently emotional morning. Fortunately, Condoleeza Rice was on hand to kiss the president's scrapes and "make them all better". Ms. Rice reportedly escorted the president back to the clubhouse, where she purchased the president a double scoop of rocky road ice cream.

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