Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Links? WoT links?!

A few notes on the War on Terror today:

  • Military enlistment promises aren't worth a damn. LJ user kc724, who has recently returned from Iraq, reports that his "three year enlistment" is being automatically extended to four, because he served in Germany. What's more, he points out that many of his fellow soldiers who returned to the U.S. from Iraq have to perform an additional *TWO YEARS* of military service, with many being pulled from their current unit to serve in a unit going back to Iraq early next year. In addition, those leaving the military who haven't done seven years become members of the Inactive Ready Reserve, and can be (and have been) called up to serve again.
  • The DoD has confirmed 16 dead in the recent helicopter crash in Afghanistan, all special forces / Navy Seals. More disconcertingly, the helicopter was downed while trying to support ground troops in the area, but the ground troops in question were ambushed and several of them are missing and possibly prisoners. This raises U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan to 71 during the first six months of this year, which is considerably higher than the 55 casualties they had in all of last year combined. So far this year, U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan face an approximately 30% greater risk of dying than those stationed in Iraq.

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