Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Updated info on the fire at FOB St. Michael, Mahmudiah, Iraq.

No one was killed or injured in the fire, the cause of which was still unknown Monday.

The blaze started in a portion of the former chicken processing plant that houses female soldiers and quickly spread through a warren of wood-partitioned living quarters. Then it engulfed the adjoining tactical operations center where sensitive communications equipment and records are stored.

The yellow, two-story brick building had recently been rewired and was being repainted inside. Less than a third of the living area was occupied at the time of the fire. . . most of the still-smoldering chicken factory is a total loss. But a portion of it can be reused as a command center.

"We were being cautious by not reoccupying the space until we were sure it was safe. That caution paid off. We’re very fortunate that no one was hurt. . . We’ll re-occupy some of the space, and bulldoze the rest."


Sure, accidents happen, but I find it very strange that the destruction of a U.S. base headquarters in Iraq was covered only by those papers which were local to their home base, and not picked up by any other news service. It really makes you wonder where the big boys get their news from, and how many important stories from over there are ignored on a routine basis.

If they didn't have the DoD telling them what was going on, would journalists in Iraq ever know about anything that happens there outside of the Green Zone?

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