Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Perverts of the world, unite!

New regulations have come down from the federal government, aiming to stop the spread of child pornography on the internet. As a result of existing laws being retroactively reinterpreted, several new potential criminals have been exposed. But who are these smut peddling child pornographers? Why, they're none other than the staff of Six Apart / LiveJournal -- purveyors of porn, every one.

You see, the new regulations target not just the creators of child pornography, but also those sites that allow the distribution of such photographs. LiveJournal (and many other sites) are now required by law to keep records that include the identity and proof of age for everyone who posts nude photos on this site... but of course, they can't really do this.

So, when I post a picture like this...

... people who run this site are engaging in a criminal conspiracy to distribute child pornography... even if the person who posts the photograph is an adult who posts such a picture as a form of social protest and free expression. And the staff of SixApart / LiveJournal aren't just pornographers if some stupid law passes in the future, either, but they are potential criminals today, here, and now. They could be prosecuted tomorrow, if the government saw fit to do so. Infact, the only real exception to this law at this time is for members of the Free Speech Coalition, a trade association that represents the adult entertainment industry, who have successfully brokered a deal for their members so the law won't be enforced against them until September.

So, what should this mean to a site like LiveJournal, which distributes a metric buttload of nude pics every day...?! It means that they should get on board, join up with the Free Speech Coalition, and contribute to the legal battle, because now they're child pornographers too.

It's in LiveJournal's best interest to fight this, just as it is in the best interest of LiveJournal's users... and they wouldn't be the only social site that is taking a stand. has also become a member, for fear that nude photos in their personals sections could land them in hot water.

I remember the first widespread posting of nude pictures on LiveJournal. It was Christmas Eve, 2000 and there were only about 20,000 members at the time... and then, someone decided to give everyone a gift... Christmas boobies! The next thing you know, there were hundreds of comments to the post, each one with boobs, butt, pussy, and penis. Like most of the of LiveJournal staff that day, I watched this spectacle with a combination of wonder, attraction, and "oh shiiiit..." horror, as all the unwritten rules were broken and a flood of sexy people surged forth. It was a wonderful expression of just how liberating both LiveJournal and the Internet could be... which, of course, is the kind of thing that the Bush administration would like to stamp out.

Well, fuck that. We shouldn't sit back and placidly demur, nor should we accept the kind of lily-livered, milquetoast expressions of self-censorship that we bend to all too often, until self-imposed, defacto censorship becomes written law. Somehow, somewhere along the line, the staff of LiveJournal got it in their heads that they can put the genie back in the bottle... and that if only all nude posts were restricted to individual journals, or made "friends only" posts in invite-only communities, that they could somehow wipe their hands clean of the taint of human flesh. If only... 'cause they're all lowlife child pornographers now. (Yes, that means you too, Brad.)

So, as a form of protest to this stupid law, and in memory of the original post in which LJ users gratuitously, wonderfully bared their epidermis to the world, I encourage all of you to post nude comments to this post. You can post anonymously... or not. You can post a picture of yourself... or part of yourself... or you can post a photoshopped version of the Attorney General blowing a clown. Anything, really. And if you don't have a place to host your photo, you can email it to me and I'll host it myself and post it anonymously as a comment. My only rule is this -- do not post a picture of any other LJ member without their prior approval. Why? Because we're all friends here, and that's not very nice.

So, if you have any red blood cells and sexual pheromones left after five years of the wrong kind of Bush, reply back with something naked! And please, link others to this post, so that we can soak this page with a literal skinstorm, and bring this asshat law to the attention of thousands of horny LJers.

The best way to defeat a bad law is to defy it, so bring on the skin!

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