Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Schwartzenegger won't return $10,000 stolen from Ohio taxpayers.

The Ohio Inspector General is investigating what happened to approximately $12 million dollars that the that the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation gave to Thomas Noe, a coin dealer and Republican fundraiser, to invest. Investigators have removed thousands of collectible items from Noe's Toledo-area shop which were for sale to the general public, despite being purchased with state money.

What happened? Millions for Noe, who sold the state-owned collectables in his shop for personal profit, allowing him the freedom to be a fulltime Republican fundraiser. Over $60,000 donated to Ohio politicians. Over $100,000 donated to the Bush/Cheney campaign. Thousands more to many other prominent Republican politicians.

... and $10,000 to Arnold Schwartzenegger, who has refused to return the money.

The perception of money for injured workers going to support politicians is potentially explosive for Ohio Republicans, who control nearly all major statewide offices and who cleared the way for an unusual $55 million state investment in Noe's rare coin venture, starting in 1998. The question to be asked is, did Ohio Republicans, who control nearly all major statewide offices, intentionally give Noe business in a kind of "kickback" scheme for funds and services?

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