Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Why hentai and hookers are good for society.

I normally like what ginmar writes, as there are usually a few good nuggets of information. That said, her latest post about the root of America's "rape culture" was just so far offbase that I couldn't even begin to properly address all the flaws in her invective. It reads like one of Andrea Dworkin's paranoid fantasies, and it's just as dated.

So, ideally without boring all of you to tears, so here's an abbreviated criticism:

"Nobody wants to fuck a guy who just wants to penetrate any old warm thing."

And yet, according to the same post, apparently nobody wants to marry a girl who will sleep with them on the first date. And we all laugh as the vicious cycle spirals around once more...

"in a world without prostitution, such men (who hire prostitutes) would be forced to modify their behavior, or else have no access to women at all"

...or prostitution would be made illegal but would still happen anyway. Or maybe there'd be organized rape gangs roaming the street at night... who knows?!

I have to wonder whether she would slap the hands of the johns, but let prostitutes rot in jail in her alternate reality, since obviously they're the "dealers"? Would she make a consentual act of prostitution a crime on par with rape or murder?

Hey! In a world where war was illegal, men would be forced to resolve their differences amicably. Let's pass a law against war too... and death while we're at it!

Nobody wants a culture of rape. Who would?! But what does that say about Holland, which has legal prostitution, legalized drugs, and a far lower incidence of rape than in the U.S.?

The way to stop prostitution isn't to outlaw it. The way to stop prostitution is to create a society where sex can be openly discussed, and where everyone can get their needs met without societal stimgas, and the need to turn to prostitutes.

There was a study taken in Japan awhile back, which tried to determine how the rapid cultural changes that have increased access to pornography and prostitution amongst that nation have effected the incidence of rape and sex-related offenses. Here are some of the results:

The most dramatic decrease in sex crimes was seen when attention was focused on the number and age of rapists and victims among younger groups. We hypothesized that the increase in pornography, without age restriction and in comics, if it had any detrimental effect, would most negatively influence younger individuals. Just the opposite occurred. The number of juvenile offenders dramatically dropped every period reviewed from 1,803 perpetrators in 1972 to a low of 264 in 1995; a drop of some 85%.

In other words, all that perverted manga, hentai, and anime has helped to create a culture not of rape, but one where sex can be safely and openly expressed at an early age. They're creating a new generation of Japanese men that have no interest in rape, because they are capable of finding partners and acceptable social outlets for their sexual interests, without an overwhelming social stigma against their actions.

Although prostitution isn't legal in Japan yet, it's pretty commonplace for highschool girls to sell themselves for extra cash. This is more prevalent than ever, and is commonly discussed in manga, newspapers, and anime, to the point that most every young teen in Tokyo could tell you to where to go if you wanted to pick up a young, available "schoolgirl".

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