Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Afghani pres. Karzai demands full military control, return of all Guantanamo prisoners.

In response to reports of widespread U.S. prisoner abuse, Afghanistan president Karzai has demanded control of U.S. military actions in his country, and a return of all U.S.-held Afghani prisoners.

"No operations inside Afghanistan should take place without the consultation of the Afghan government. They should not go to our people's homes any more without the knowledge of the Afghan government. If they want any person suspected in a house, they should let us know, and the Afghan government would arrange that."

Mr. Karzai said he would also ask for "the return of prisoners to Afghanistan, all of them."

Somehow, I don't think the U.S. is going to be that happy about having their soldiers on a short leash, much less being forced to send all those Guantanamo prisoners back to Afghanistan... Bush's approval rating may drop even lower than it already is, as a widescale return of prisoners from Guantanamo is bound to be seen as an admission of failure.

Karzai is still a weak president, lacking real control over most of the country, and the level of violence in Afghanistan is a lot worse than most people think... so much so that a soldier deployed to Afghanistan over the past few months has faced a greater chance of being killed than a U.S. soldier deployed to Iraq over the same time period.

Meanwhile, a group of Afghan Islamic clerics have demanded that U.S. soldiers responsible for desecrating the Koran be turned over to a Muslim country for prosecution, or they will declare a jihad against the US. (You'd think we'd hear about this kinda stuff in that thing they used to call "the news", wouldn't you?!)

"Hey... a fucking jihad on you!"

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