Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

It's gotta be said...

I use and contribute to MetaFilter regularly, and it's a great site, even if it's down far too often. It was down today, infact... but at least there's a good reason.

You see, Matt Haughey, the site's owner...

...just had his first kid. Congrats, Matt.

Now, the kid's cute and everything -- not a flipper baby -- but I noticed something disturbing which I just have to point out, no matter how ill-timed or potentially offensive.

Matt, your wife looks like you in drag. I find that disturbing. Very disturbing. It's actually considerably more disturbing to me than I would find, say, hot lesbian twins to be disturbing. At least hot lesbian twins have some really compelling reasons to take all those pictures together... and, of course, they are hot lesbian twins.

Part of me wonders whether it has something to do with Matt having lived in San Francisco for so long. No offense for those who live there, but San Francisco is arguably the self-love capital of the world. (People in L.A. just *act* like they're in love with themselves... people in San Francisco lube up the rubber gloves and just do it.)

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like marrying a carbon copy of yourself is at times a kind of socially-acceptable narcissism. There should be an name for couples who look too much like each other for comfort. Fortunately, an appropriate name came to me.


(I'd name several other such couples on LJ, but that would probably get me into entirely too much trouble... but hey, that's what comments are for!)

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