Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

We care a lot... really.

These ex-Shriners should start start up their own lodge, then get on The Man Show. They could have chapters in practically every city on the continent in no time! Just think of all the sick children they could help! Think of the children...! Won't SOMEONE think of the children?!?
Shriners Scandalized by Sex Bash

A group of Shriners has sparked a major uproar in Winnipeg after it was reported the fez-festooned members held a men-only fundraiser for sick children that featured nude dancers and public sex acts.

The scandal, which has gripped the western Canadian city since it broke late last week, has driven the local Shrine temple to disband the unit behind the event and attempt to distance itself from those responsible.

``It's really sick, it's really sad that these men have to do something like this, especially under the guise of helping children,'' a Winnipeg resident told Reuters on Wednesday.

The controversy erupted following newspaper reports that a ''Gentlemen's Dinner'' fundraiser, organized by the Shriners' motor patrol unit, included two nude dancers who climbed on top of a banquet table where several men touched and engaged in oral sex with them in front of hundreds of male guests.

About 300 people attended the event held Jan. 25, including members of the famous fraternal organization's Khartum Temple in Winnipeg, prominent businessmen and employees of companies that purchased tables.

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