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on flying...

When I was younger, I could fly. I would run and skip and then I would fly... essentially hovering... floating... gliding through the air effortlessly, not touching the ground. At least that's the way I remember it.

I remember spending long summer days swimming, eating fresh fruits straight from the tree, resting on a towel on the lawn in a warm and lazy daze... skin tasting succulently of salt and chlorine. And when I got a walkman, I would listen to that... at first to tapes of things Tangerine Dream "Tangram" which I bought for 99 cents in a discount bin, or Beatles albums or Philip Glass, which I would record from the library. I would stay up late, learning all about my body the way young teens do... like it was a new thing that I had always taken for granted. I would hide under the covers and listen to "Hearts of Space."

I was a strange kid.

I want to be a strange kid again... maybe I should start by relearning how to fly.

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