Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Brian Eno dabbles in politics.

Brian Eno has turned his creative energy into a new direction, it seems... Getting Charles Kennedy and the Liberal Democrats elected in Britain.

He recently set up, where he shares a mini-manifesto supporting the Liberal Democrats, while encouraging others to do the same and other big names to come forward and support the LibDems.

He points out, quite rightly, that the biggest thing holding the Liberal Democrats back is whether or not British voters believe they can make a difference -- if all potential LibDem voters actually did vote, they would win the election with relative ease.

"This election could be a tipping point: with the Tories weak, and Blair widely distrusted, the chance is within reach, but if people who can't face voting for either the Tories or the Labour party just stay home, nothing will change: we'll be back to 5 more years of sterile, self serving 'parliamentary debate', of playing cowboys with George Bush, of deceit and evasion and the erosion of democracy in this country."

Let's hope that Eno isn't still ahead of his time.

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