Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


It may be a horribly commercial holiday, but Natalie, Kirsten, and I had a lovely night. A minor hurricane was cooked up, with marinated london broil, shrimp with garlic butter, baked potatoes, mushroom brandy bisque, Insalata Caprese, a nice loaf of sourdough, and glazed ginger-orange pears. I did most of the cooking, with the exception of the Caprese and the pears, which Natalie prepared. Really good, with tons o' leftovers.

We finished up with a bottle of Dom Perignon and chocolate truffles followed by another (read: less expensive) bottle of champagne, which we used for mimosas and Kir Royales - champagne with creme de cassis.

... and now we're all geekin' for a bit. Lots of bleepy gaming goodness in the background, soon to be followed by cuddly wonderfulness, I'm sure.

Every day is a good day, bubba.

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