Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Election day in Iraq

...and it went quite well. Only about 40 Iraqis killed at the polls, from what I can see.

Just goes to show that Iraqi definitions of "quite well" and traditional Western definitions vary greatly. This relative lack of violence should translate into a larger turnout and probably a victory for the Sistani-supported party, which is predominantly Shi'ite. I suspect that the insurgents decided -- quite rightly -- that their best option right now was "wait and see", as the elections may be the way to get the U.S. out of Iraq.

The truely bad news was unexpected. A British C-130 transport has crashed in Iraq. No word on the number of casualties, but here are some rough details on the plane.

Let's hope it was transfering cargo, not people, or we could be looking at the worst day for the British military since the Falklands War... or worse.

(i.e. On May 25, 1988, the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Coventry was sunk, killing 22. The British container ship Atlantic Conveyor was also hit by an Exocet, killing 24.)

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