Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Ukranians to pull out of Iraq.

The Ukranian parliament have voted 308-0 to pull their approximately 1600 soldiers out of Iraq... this after a recent attack -- which was first described as an explosives accident -- killed eight of their soldiers, along with a soldier from Kazakhstan.

The unanimous vote is apparently in response to a plan by outgoing Ukranian president Kuchma to have a slower, more staggered withdrawl from Iraq, beginning in March and stretching on into the summer of this year. Kuchma's successor, Viktor Yushchenko, is scheduled to take over the office within days, and will apparently find himself facing significant pressure to pull troops out immediately.

Ukraine is the 5th largest Iraq coalition partner, (behind the US, Britain, Italy, and Poland) and its immediate withdrawl could take needed assets away from the forces under Polish command, potentially making their situation in Iraq far more tenuous, both structurally and politically. Poland already has plans to cut their forces by more than a third in February, but it is unclear whether continued violence and instability in post-election Iraq will accelerate their withdrawl.

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