Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Pop the champagne for SuprNova?

Despite recent bad news, this might turn out to be a very merry new year for and for p2p file traders in general.

It was recently reported by numerous major news organizations that was taken offline by its creator due to legal pressure from the MPAA... but the news of suprnova's death may be a tad premature. is back online, and their site says:

Greetings everybody

It has been more then a week since went down. We are sorry that we have not updated the site with more recent news, but we have been very busy. Anyway, we will soon be making an announcement. Announcement will be made on radio on 30th December around 10 PM CET (9 PM GMT, 4 PM EST).
Also, everybody is still welcome to join us on irc (irc:// or on forums (, but please remember, we are no longer offering torrents. You will not find any on IRC or on our forums.
Sloncek & the rest of the SuprNova team.

What does this mean?! Well,, a p2p news site, says:

"it appears that the site, or its rumored project "Exeem", may be making an appearance. . . Back on the 1st of December, Slyck ran an article about SuprNova working on a project to decentralize BitTorrent. Well, this is it. The project was apparantly under heavy, yet closed-to-the-public beta-testing at the time of the site's closure, and due to recent MPAA action against many BitTorrent file sites, SuprNova has clearly moved onto Phase B... by ditching their central servers. Sounds like the torrent sites are going to be giving the movie companies even more of a headache now... yet this time, they're one step ahead."

If this is true and BitTorrent is truely decentralized (and hopefully quite anonymous) it's a whole new ballgame. One that the RIAA and MPAA arguably can not win. The fall of mighty empires starts in about another nineteen hours, presumably.

d0 u ph34r p33r-2-p33r?!

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