Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Creative Iraqi insults.

Khalid, an Iraqi weblogger, mentioned something about the Iraqi national guard that I found interesting...

"In Arabic, they are called "haras watani", exact translation, haras is guard and watani is national, people in the streets call them haras la watani, which is: un-national guard, or call them haras wathani, conveniently, by changing one letter, it becomes infidel instead of national (wathani instead of watani)."

As to why the Iraqis might want to insult their national guard troops, he accuses them of looting and massive corruption...

"site: my uncle's house time: 5 am event: national guards knocking brutally on the door, they left after minutes of ssearching, leaving a mess behind them, and scared people.
few days before that, 2am another house, they broke in, they stole not only mobile phones, but also $4800 and a CAR!!!!" . . . couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was in the line of a gas station, and one of the national guard didn't like the way he was parking, so he just broke the side mirror with his AK back, and when my friend objected, he also damaged the size of the car and called other national guards to tie my friend's hands and send him to jail, he was so lucky that one of them knew my friend and released him immediately, otherwise he would have spent a long time. . . I can go on and on for ever, but I think that what I said was enough. those are Allawi men, and the occupation men, those are the fruits of the Allawi-Bush government, a scary version of Saddam's gang. now light that cigarette, and reflect on it.

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