Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Operation Rumsfailure nearly complete!

A Gallup poll reports that 52% of Americans think Rumsfeld should resign, compared to 36% who thinks he should not. The secretary's approval rating has fallen from 71 percent in April 2003 to 41 percent in the new survey. As for Bush, he has an approval rating of 49%, down from a November high of 55%. A whole bunch of Bush voters must be quietly wishing for "do-overs" right about now...

Personally, I hope Bush holds onto Rumsfeld. much like I might hope that Usama Bin Laden would go deep sea diving with a particularly heavy anchor dangling from his leg.

Don't let go of Rumsfeld, Mr. President... 'cause I'd like to see your sorry ass dragged down with him.

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