Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

BBC sex ed and the great American mojo gap.

Humorous and remarkably straightforward sex ed courtesy of the Beeb.

For the boys -- "Willy Wonky"
For the girls - "Funny Flaps"

Could you imagine something similar aimed at young teens on PBS? They couldn't do this, even though most of PBS' money is from private donations... because too many cranks would complain about all that Satan-worshipping anti-religious edjumakation. Just goes to show you that Americans are the *REAL* prudes, eh? So much for the British being the repressed ones...

Of course, some regional groupings of Americans would tend to be more tolerant of improved sexual education. Let's call them the Blue focus group. Others would be more intolerant. Let's call them the Red focus group.

Now, if sex education was dumbed down or considered a taboo subject amongst the Red focus group, then you would expect that they would be, on average... well... really bad lovers. Not only that, you'd also expect them to be more prone to spurn reason (and even their own self-interest) in order to embrace a culture of violence and fear... a culture of violence caused by repressed sexuality, one that is more likely to have low self esteem and likely to commit criminal acts driven by low self esteem, such as beastiality, pediophilia, etc. You'd even expect that such a culture would be statistically more likely to marry their own relatives!

And though you'd expect some statistical evidence to support such findings, such as all of the worst cities for crime to be a part of the Red focus group, that still wouldn't be conclusive proof, and certainly it wouldn't mean that *everyone* in the Red focus group is sexually repressed, bad in bed, senselessly violent, and prone to sleeping with farm animals.

It just implies that it's statistically more likely. If you believe in science, y'know... ;-)

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