Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The end to a long month in Iraq.

AP is pointing out that 135 US dead in Iraq this month is apparently a tie for the previous worst month in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Iraqi insurgents are still battling in Falluja... and some are coming back into the city to fight.

"Just when you think you have an area cleared, someone comes out of a tunnel, a spider hole and starts shooting . . . It's a dense city, easy to conceal in and move about . . . They move sometimes from buildings with ladders across rooftops. . . We are seeing tunnel and sewage system out into the river that the insurgents are using as a rat line, from those pipes along the river to come back into the city."

Meanwhile, a US serviceman in Connecticut, distraught over having to deploy to Iraq a second time, found a novel way to avoid having to do so.

I think he'll get to stay home now. The neighbors must've been shitting themselves...

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