Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Apparently, the Chinese government is blocking , which is a shame...

A bigger and more shameful thing, however, is that Google News launched a Chinese version of their site, and censors the content.

After previous attempts to dodge the issue, Google recently admitted to self-censorship of their Chinese content, and yet claims to be "the only major search engine that does not censor any web pages". Somehow, I think this rice-paper-thin distinction will be lost on its Chinese users.

Hey Google... if you hate censorship, then how about turning some of that brainpower loose to find ways to help circumvent the Great Firewall of China, rather than helping create a false reality... a mythical land of harmony where the Tienenmen Square massacre doesn't exist.

As I once told a friend who works over at Google...
"Just because Google has a policy not to do anything evil, doesn't mean that everything they do is good."

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