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One of my biggest peeves with PCs has always been installing internal drives. I hate internal drives. I hate jumpers. I hate dipswitches. I hate twisty ribbon cables which aren't instinctive as to how they connect, and which invariably aren't long enough. I hate small, cluttered cases with sharp metal corners. I hate how there's a dearth of places to mount your drives. I hate having to power off my computer to attach hardware, only to find out that something is wrong... and then having to guess whether it is a hardware problem, a cable problem, a jumper problem, a power problem, or any of the other random variables that PCs love to throw at you. Maybe I'm just too old to find the idea of wasting my time due to crappy design an interesting, novel learning experience anymore. (Did I say that my next computer will be a Mac?!)

In comparison, the Mac-blessed have had SCSI for pretty much forever... and now they have Firewire... and USB 2.0 (as opposed to slower PC-standard USB 1.1). If they want something, they plug it in to the outside of their computer, and it pretty much works. If they want to bring their stuff over to another computer, they pick it their drive, bring it over to another computer, and even boot off of it -- no jumpers required -- or they simply network the computers in question together. Note the emphasis on simply.

Somehow, none of this seemed like a particularly useful or important thing over in the PC world, I guess.

So, when I got a chance to get 160 GB of plug-n-play external drive goodness for only about $60 this weekend, I jumped at it. All that space. Music. Video. Even room to automatically download the latest bittorrent offerings. Sexah!

I held off on installation until after the weekend because I had noressa over and thought it would be too painful and time consuming...

Least. Painful. Install. Evar.

Data storage is love.

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