Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Democracy wins! Bush loses?!

Despite outgoing Ukranian hardline president Leonid Kuchma doing everything legal (and illegal...) he realistically could do to sway the election and appoint Viktor Yanukovich as his successor, exit polls are showing West-leaning Viktor Yushchenko has won Ukraine's presidential election by a substantial margin.

That, incidentally, means three big things:
1> Ukraine won't seek closer ties with Putin's corrupt Russian government, but will instead seek membership and closer ties with the European Union and NATO.
2> Surprisingly close ties to the US. Yushchenko's wife is an American, and as former prime minister from 1999-2001, he opened Ukraine up significantly to foriegn businesses and investment.
3> Ukrainian troops will soon leave Iraq. This is a very popular stance amongst the Ukrainians, who do not want their troops in Iraq.

With 1,600 troops in Iraq, Ukraine is one of the leading participants in the US coalition, and a substantial part of the Polish-led force. Expect this to increase pressures for Poland, Hungary, and others to leave Iraq themselves around January of next year. If the level of violence in Iraq doesn't decrease after elections, it may be necessary for the US to increase troop levels once more.

This doesn't bug me too much. Like it or not, it's our problem. You break it, you own it.

Now the question is, can we fix it... and what should we do if we can't?

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