Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Fallujah online.

Sure, there are US sites dedicated to pictures from Fallujah, but apparently Fallujah also has its own professionally done website in Arabic, too. Who knew?

They have an extensive photo gallery which is actually quite well done. Much of the emphasis is on showing wounded US troops, but at least someone is getting these pictures online. Information is a good thing, even if it doesn't support your world view. I occasionally *like* propaganda sites, whether they're or

If you don't like looking at wounded soldiers, however, you can appreciate this picture of creepy uncle Saddam. Kids... it's what's for dinner!

I also found a website which collects songs that support the Iraqi resistance, available here. Some of them are kinda catchy, actually. Feel free to download "Haya Allah Ahl Al-Falluja".

Who knows... maybe if enough people visit their website, the Iraqi resistance will be bankrupted the next time they have to pay for bandwidth!

Rocketing their way to the top of the Arab charts... with a bullet!

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