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Oh, Fallujah.

I could write a much longer post on this, but I'll stick to my basic impressions instead.

Fallujah: Many, many Iraqis dead, phosphorus shells being used on Iraqis, anonymous corpses with horrible burns, possible use of cluster bombs. Over 18 US soldiers killed so far, hundreds wounded, over 227 severely -- evac'ed to Germany. Nominal control of the roads, but no real control of the city. Elections more distant than ever. House-to-house searches still to come, possible enemies and boobytraps behind every door, a starving city as big as Pittsburgh. Angry Iraqis. Hopeless Iraqis. Iraqis with nothing left to lose. The wholescale slaughter of Iraqi police departments. Massive defections in both Iraqi police and military. Uprisings in major Iraqi cities. Months of progress in some regions destroyed overnight. Bombed mosques. The widescale stench of death. Iraqi men not allowed to leave. Boats, packed and fleeing, sunk by gunfire. Bodies floating down the Euphrates.

Winning the battle and losing the war.

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