Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush won this time, but the future belongs to us.

Those 18-29 voted overwhelmingly in favor of Kerry, but that's not all. Many states have moved strongly towards Kerry too, as compared to the last election.

      2004         2000
  DNC +2.1    RNC +0.2
NV   DNC +0.4    RNC +4.1
NH   DNC +4.2    RNC +1.8
NM   DNC +1.3    RNC +0.5
OH   DNC +0.5    RNC +4.0
OR   DNC +8.0    RNC +0.3
WI   DNC +3.4    RNC +0.3
Here are other states in which we made significant gains:
      2004          2000
  RNC +3.2     RNC +8.9
ME   DNC +11.0    DNC +4.6
MI   DNC +6.4     DNC +4.6
MN   DNC +6.4     DNC +1.9
PA   DNC +5.2     DNC +3.7
VA   RNC +5.6     RNC +8.5
VT   DNC +23.6    DNC +9.4
WA   DNC +10.4    DNC +5.1

Bush's greatest strength this election was increasing his support amongst older voters, adding SEVEN POINTS in the 60+ bracket alone over 2000. Fortunately, gayhating and racebaiting should start to die off along with these older voters. Bush should be scared of us, because we're not a bunch of scared old ladies.

What we need to do right now is not cooperate with the Bushies, but to make it clear to older voters... Bush is out to kill social security and deprive them of their retirements. Given that Bush strongly supports raising the age requirements for Social Security, and will need trillions to fund his hackneyed "invest in your own Social Security" scheme, old ladies should be scared... but not about terrorists.

If these older voters are going to allow their fears and prejudices to decide the election, then they're sheep. Next time around, we should be the ones doing the herding.

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