Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

British soldiers die covering for upcoming attack on Fallujah.

Three Brits killed, eight wounded in Iraq. Why?! Because the Blair government supports the leveling of Fallujah.

Sure, you should honor your dead sons and daughters... but if they died so that U.S. troops could be sent off to level a city, are you gonna tell me that they died for a good cause? Dulce et decorum est? I don't think so.

There's a *BIG* disconnect going on here. I don't believe that the British are as willfully negligent as the Americans are... yet. They *will* be, however, if they continue to let this stuff slide. The key is to raise the issue and never, never, never drop it. The moment you drop an issue with these kinds of people, you've conceded it.

That's a problem that the Democrats have... they're good-natured enough to move on, generally speaking. What is needed is a "no tolerance" policy to human rights violations. To ours, and to the rights of others. Cede nothing, and never stop fighting, or this kind of democratically-based fascism will continue to plague the world.

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