Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


The Phillipine government is getting a lot of internal pressure to withdraw more of their countrymen from Iraq... in this case, the over 5,000 workers their country has there.

While not combat troops, these workers are important to the US... arguably moreso than practically any coalition military force in Iraq, with the exception of the British. The Philipine leadership obviously didn't expect to get beaten up on this issue, but the recent kidnapping of a Filipino worker in Iraq makes this a hot-button issue. If the worker is executed, expect the government to be forced to budge on this issue. Currently, they're saying that "If the violence escalates -- and we think it will..." they will consider it.
Well, something tells me the violence will escalate *real* soon.
Fallujah. Gezundheit.

So... who's going to cook for our soldiers, clean the latrines, and do their laundry once the Philipines bow out? Now hiring at $5 an hour, plus added benefits for premature decapitation!

And in other news, it's hailing here - HARD - with lightning and thunder. Yes... in the Silicon Valley. Given the current conditions, expect a moderate chance tomorrow for stinging locusts and up to two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Global warming is optional for the non-Christians.

Oh... and I just wanted to say... fuck George Bush and the asses he rode in on. With a baseball bat. And splinters.

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