Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

First exit polls on the race.

Here are the first Associated Press exit polls, as confirmed by Republican and Democrat sources:

AZ 45-55 Bush
CO 48-51 Bush
LA 42-57 Bush
MI 51-48 Kerry
WI 52-48 Kerry
PA 60-40 Kerry
OH 52-48 Kerry
FL 51-48 Kerry

Though not known for their love of Kerry, the Drudge Report begrudgingly concurs.

A second round of polls, conducted by the Kerry campaign, shows similar trends, and suggests that Kerry will win in New Hampshire and is a likely winner in New Mexico.

MI 51-47 Kerry
NM 50-48 Kerry
MN 58-40 Kerry
WI 52-43 Kerry
IA 49-49 Kerry
NH 57-41 Kerry

These are early morning exit poll results, which are a far from a certain indicator, but which have historically favored the Republican Party. Generally, the Democrats are the party that tends to vote later in the day, so it appears that we're looking at some very motivated voters nationwide, who want to vote early and make sure that their votes count.

Early indications? A clear, decisive victory for John F. Kerry.

*deep breath* *smiles*
This is what democracy looks like.

...and in other news, Griffindor wins the House Cup!

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