Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

So, it's Election Day.

Go Vote. Do It Now.Arrive early, and just do it.

Whether you believe in Kerry or in Bush, I'm sure you also believe that your candidate could benefit from having a popular mandate. In that sense, your vote counts just as much in California or Texas as it does in Ohio or Florida.

And if you don't believe in Kerry or Bush... well, I hope you're supporting Michael Badnarik, because otherwise you deserve to be bitchslapped. Why? Because Ralph Nader has lost it. For a 3rd party candidate, it's amazing how much he has gotten from Kerry/Edwards... and yet he's a complete ingrate.

He wanted to talk to Kerry, so Kerry talked to him. He wanted Kerry to pick Edwards as a running mate... and Kerry picked Edwards. Kerry even said that he would regularly meet with Nader to discuss policy and work together on issues... but then Nader started pissing all over him and taking Republican money. He even had the nerve to call Edwards "a sniveling coward" for not being tougher on Cheney in the debates by making the right to sue people a bigger issue.

Is there *anyone* out there who thinks this election should've been *more* about the right to sue people? By the time the dust has settled on this election, we're might be collectively wishing that lawsuits never existed. Who needs voters, when the lawyers and judges can decide who won for us?

So, what does Ralph Nader want, anyway? The answer is clear. Our eternal love and devotion. He's like an overly protective mother with a martyr complex, who sets unrealistic goals for her children that don't reflect reason or reality, who makes them feel like crap for never being good enough, who insults and embarasses them in front of others... and then has the nerve to guilt trip them when they don't call anymore.

Ralph Nader might be an Arab-American, but he'd make the perfect Jewish mother.

You know that old episode of Star Trek with the mirror universe Kirk? Ralph Nader is the mirror universe Bush. One is neo-conservative, and one is far-left, but both are demogogues. If there were any justice in this world, they would be sentenced to fly through the great vastness of space in one of those Superman II mirror prisons, where they could wrestle with each other for all eternity, while John Kerry and John McCain find ways to work together and fix America.

I've already voted. You should go vote if you haven't already yourself. If you haven't voted, however, and think you may have registered in the past, or would like to vote but don't know if you can, please feel free to leave an anonymous comment. I promise to try to answer your questions and I won't laugh at you... much.

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