Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

On abusive relationships.

Sure you may have had feelings for him once when the romance first started... but then other people started telling you about their strange, violent, irrational behavior, their inability to "play nice" with others, and their complete unwillingness to admit their mistakes. At first, you were absolutely loyal to them, and you tried not to believe what others were telling you about him... until it finally became all too clear what was going on.

And so you called him on it... but he stared you in the face and lied. And finally, when you threatened to leave, he confirmed your worst fears by trying to scare, intimidate, and threaten you too.

Sad. Pathetic. Desperate.

"I have no ambition whatsoever to use 9/11 as a political issue." -- George W. Bush

America has a dysfunctional relationship with their president. Time to show him the door.

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