Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

It's a party. It's a weekend. It's a party. It's a party party weekend.

Woke up entirely too early, especially considering that I'm going to a Halloween party up in San Francisco tonight. Still not sure about what to wear for my costume, exactly.

Fortunately, I've got things set up so that we're getting comp'ed a room at the Sheraton and don't have to do the drive back south late at night. Coolness!

I love hotels. There's something about having a nice hotel room that just seems so decadent. That's a plus and a minus though, because you feel compelled to really enjoy yourself. Like, you're not quite getting the full value on the deal unless you wake up in an opium daze, undulating people on all sides, your body as sticky as the floor of a movie theatre.

We all need goals in life, I guess.

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