Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bill O'Reilly/Foxnews pays out millions to settle lawsuit.

Sadly, we'll never hear the tapes. :-/

The plaintiff originally wanted $60 million... and a deal fell through for the paltry figure of $2 million... so somewhere in between those two numbers is undoubtedly where they settled. Given the experience of the lawyer for the plaintiff, I would guess this has cost O'Reilly and Fox more than $25 million dollars -- a figure of Michael Jackson-like proportions.

So, if Bill O'Reilly was innocent, and was supposedly determined to take this matter to court to prove his innocence... how come he paid Ms. Mackris millions to silence her and buy her tapes of their conversations?!

Life to Bill: Stop playing with your falafel balls while on the phone with co-workers. Ick. Really.

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