Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

This just in -- Eminem finally interesting.

I have never really cared for Eminem, and it's not really for lack of talent. Rather, it's because his prior actions don't seem to show him as being a particular good person -- he might have talent, but his message has been poison at times. He's even come off -- unnececcessarily -- as a dick in other circumstances.

And yet, he can be good at what he does... and given how difficult it is to make a powerful song about politics that doesn't feel whipped or otherwise sullied, he did a great job with his new song/video, "Mosh".

(Did I say how great it is that Eminem is freely distributing his video at How cool is that?! The video was just released tonight, so you may want to point it out to others you know. It's bound to become huge over the next week.)

Maybe, perhaps... Eminem is starting to grow the hell up.

In any event, it makes you wonder -- just what will we bring upon ourselves if Bush *DOES* win? This country is more polarized between age, race, sex, and class than I've ever seen... and between those whose belief in the president is more grounded in faith than in facts. Bush is unleashing a level of cultural anger that simply will not go away over the next four years, short of riots.

If Bush *does* win, the next war we face will almost certainly be fought on the home front.

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