Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A loser from New Jersey.

Yes, I know some would argue that my subject is a redundant statement, but... I hate wannabe hackers.

Some loser from New Jersey is trying to mess with me. One particular loser from NJ comes to mind, but we'll see... Could be the feds, after all. ;-)

They should stop bugging me. It's just not wise. I have their IP address and know their ISP, as well as a slew of geeky contacts and ample skill at social engineering to make their life particularly unpleasant. (And did I mention I have a particularly eeeevil sense of humor?)

So, can anyone dig up more info on ( than I can? I suspect it's an LJer, but I have no proof as of yet. Has anyone else seen this particular IP address anywhere?

Let's do a contest. Whoever tracks down this guy (hate to be sexist, but losers like this are almost always a guy...) and causes him the most grief wins a frickin' huge cookie. Not just a metaphorical one, either. Hell, if someone *REALLY* nails this guy to the wall, I might just give them a permanent LiveJournal account!

And besides, it's *FUN* to nail loser abusers. I think so, anyway... The hunt is its own reward.

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