Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The puppies of purgatory.

Bush's newest ad sics the dogs on us.

But it looks more like a pack of lies to me...

The ad mentions intelligence cuts after "the first terrorist attack on America"... but fails to say that they are referring to the 1993 WTC attack, and that already debunked these claims back in March. The Bush campaign seems to believe that if they repeat the same old lie often enough, it will become true.

But if you want to see budget cuts in intelligence that really effected us in the war on terror, why go back so far? Why not take a look at this article that came out today, for instance, that documents the Bush administration putting off an $80 million plan to train and equip a friendly intelligence service for the Afghan government, and how they cut Task Force 5 -- a covert commando team that led the hunt for bin Laden and his followers -- by more than two-thirds of its fighting strength?

The only thing that the ad is honest about is that this is "an increasingly dangerous world"... thanks to GWB. And who turned his back on these wolves and left them on our doorstep?
o/~ "Who let the dogs out? Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush!"

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