Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Third Debate - Who won?

Gallup says Kerry by a strong margin. 52% - 39%, with 42% of the audience viewing Kerry more favorably after the debate. They also had comparisons to previous pre and post debate surveys they did, which showed continuous improvement for Kerry, with more voters identifying with him on key issues that matter to them. Most notably, this debate is the first debate they have where Kerry polled higher than Bush on believability and on sharing people's values.

CBS says uncommited voters who saw the debate favor Kerry by a margin of 39% - 25%.

ABC's poll says Kerry, by a whisker.

Apparently, they polled a focus group that was 38% Republican and 30% Democratic, and yet out of that group, 42% said Kerry won, 41% said Bush won.

42% of Independents favored Kerry, compared to 35% for Bush. Also notable, however, is that 12% of Republicans thought Kerry won, compared to 5% of Democrats thinking that Bush won.

The end result? Kerry still has the initiative, and will gain more traction, more credibility, and more of the swing voters than Bush. Advantage Kerry.

If you missed the debate, you can find it on, of course! Click here to watch the debate (RealPlayer) or go here for the transcript.

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